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Unified Products and Services APK

Produtos e Serviços da Unificação fornece eLoading, BillsPayment e serviços de remessas.

Unified Products and Services Mobile offers a quick and easy way technology-based services, such as remittance, bills payment, universal loading and networking. It provides various dealership packages and franchise that empowers global communities towards attaining financial freedom and economic stability.

-You can start a loading business to load all local networks(GLOBE, SMART, SUN CELLULAR), SINGTEL, STARHUB AND M1 and also prepaid cards.

-Unified Products and Services Bills Payment provides Fast, Secure and Convenient online bills payment solutions. As long as you have internet connection, you can manage your entire bills payment process on your mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

-Unified Products and Services Remittance offers services like Ecash Padala, Ecash to GPRS outlet, Ecash to Ecash, Ecash to Load fund, Ecash to SGD Load fund, Smartmoney, Ecash to MyVisacard, Ecash to VisaCard, Ecash to credit to bank and remittance payouts like Iremit, Transfast and New York Bay.

-All Unified Products and Services dealers may now also check their network details like genealogy, direct and indirect referrals, network points and income.


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