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Última versão

NomeAndoku 3 APK
Versão1.21.0 (49)
Atualizada21 de 09 de 2021
DesenvolvedorMarkus Wiederkehr
CategoriaJogos, Quebra-cabeça

Atualizada - O que há de novo

• No longer displays banner ads on phones in landscape orientation
• The capture module has been newly implemented using the CameraX library
• The dark theme is now slightly darker
• Update the Dropbox cloud sync back-end due to an upcoming change in functionality
• Updated library dependencies
• Minor bug fixes

Jogo Andoku Sudoku 3

Treine seu cérebro! Mais de 20.000 enigmas de Sudoku estão esperando para serem resolvidos.

Andoku Sudoku 3 is a Sudoku number puzzle game for smartphones and tablets. The game contains Sudoku puzzles of various difficulty levels and detailed instructions. It is aimed at beginners and experts alike.


✔ intuitive navigation
✔ appealing design
✔ auto-save running games
✔ unlimited undo and redo
✔ enter notes
✔ numerous assistance functions
✔ many game variations
✔ nine difficulty levels
✔ cloud synchronization
✔ enter your own Sudoku puzzles
✔ game statistics

Game variations

Andoku Sudoku 3 offers numerous other game variants in addition to the standard version of Sudoku:
• X Sudoku
• Hyper Sudoku
• Percent Sudoku
• Color Sudoku


Andoku Sudoku 3 comes with tutorials that teach you many solving techniques. Based on specific game situations, the tutorials explain the solving techniques step by step.

The solution techniques are ordered by difficulty, ranging from very simple (Introduction, Hidden Single, etc.) to very difficult (XY Chain, Sashimi Swordfish, etc.).

Enter your own puzzles

Would you like to solve a Sudoku puzzle from your local newspaper on your smartphone? With Andoku Sudoku 3 you can easily enter your own puzzles.

Cloud synchronization

The game allows you to save your progress in the cloud. This also allows running games to be synchronized between different devices.

You can start a game on your smartphone and continue to play on your tablet later!
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