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17 de ago de 2019

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Anti Dog Repellent APP

This application works by producing a high frequency sound (ultrasound) which is unpleasant for the dogs. Whatever you are threatened by an aggressive dog who won't stop barking or you need to keep dogs away because of an allergy just press the button with dog's image to play the sound and the dogs will go away. Thanks to "Dog Repellent" don't be afraid of the dogs. While you're walking on the road if dogs attack you start the "Dog Repellent" and send away dogs. Application Properties This app emits frequencies in the range (18-23 kHz) is not harmful to humans. This is the only app with the right frequencies. This application is useful for repel dogs; it works by producing a high frequency sound that is unpleasant for dogs. Use it when riding bike, when running on mornings, or wherever you need it. These sounds are poorly audible for the people or at all but dogs, cats, wolves, rats, mice and other wild animals hear it very well. We can use it for training or scaring This app doesn't harm or cause any physical pain to dogs or humans. IMPORTANT: Use at your risk because some dogs may become aggressive. In that case turn off the application and calmly leave the area. During that do not look into the eyes of a dog.
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