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Última versão

Nomeblack APK
Versão2.4 (2004000)
Atualizada28 de 09 de 2021
DesenvolvedorBart Bonte
CategoriaJogos, Quebra-cabeça

Jogo black

preto, outro jogo de quebra-cabeça para você!

The sequel to my 'yellow' and 'red' games is here!
Can you make the screen black in 50 levels?
Each level has its own logic.

Do you need help? Use the light bulb button that will appear after a while in the top right of each level to get a hint. There are multiple hints for each level.
With the premium unlock in-app you will not get ads before the hints.

A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.
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