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Buggs Tunes Jungle Adventures Bunny


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Última versão

NomeBuggs Tunes Jungle Adventures Bunny APK
Versão1.0 (1)
Atualizada10 de 10 de 2017
DesenvolvedorYogilla Studios
CategoriaJogos, Arcade

Jogo Buggs Tunes Jungle Adventures Bunny

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Buggs Tunes Jungle Adventures Bunny .

Bugs Bunny was roaming around with his friend when all the sudden the vicious looney tunes monster kidnaped his friend. Embark on a wild Jungle Adventures Story in orer to rescue bunny 's friend. You will have to run through a risky jungle adventures with bunny in order to save his friend looney after he was kidnapped. Upload and start a wild jungle adventures to rescue bunny 's friend. Throug the Jungle Adventures you will face plenty of monsters you have to kill with bunny , in order to keep bunny alive. Tunes is jailed in the black castle , where the big vicious looney monsters lives. Thourgh the jungle adventures you can collect power ups in order to make buggs bunny the rabbit stronger. When you power up bugs bunny the maximum level you can start shooting explosive bombs. There are 2 ways to kill monsters , you can start shooting with explosive sboy world bombs from distance or you can jump and stamp over them. The Sboy world is in danger, download right now and help bunny rescue his friend.

Features :

+ 20 levels in 4 different worlds/ There 80 levels around
+ Easy gameplay/ all you have to do is to jump and run to avoid monsters and obstacles
+ 8 epic boss fights in 4 different worlds/ all the fight take place in the red dungeon
+ Plenty of well-designed monsters/ each world contain new monsters ready to kill you character bunny

Download right now and most of all enjoy!

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