Call Assistant: Call Screener, Dialer, Voicemail APK

Call Assistant: Call Screener, Dialer, Voicemail


Baixar o Call Assistant: Call Screener, Dialer, Voicemail APK para Android - Grátis - Última versão


Última versão

NomeAssistente de Chamadas APK, Call Assistant APK
Versão1.68 (397)
Atualizada13 de 11 de 2021
DesenvolvedorCall Assistant Inc
CategoriaApps, Comunicação

Atualizada - O que há de novo

Fix crash in DialPad
Fix crash in Android 12 without no BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission
Fix crash in Android 12 without no SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM permission
Fix problem where no dialer option not available when making outgoing
call outside our APP, because with InCallService exported to be true.
Attempted fix for screener multiple calls from same person not clearing
out transcription page.

App Call Assistant: Call Screener, Dialer, Voicemail

AI Virtual Call Assistant com Screener de chamadas para suas chamadas pessoais + comerciais

Call Assistant is the ultimate call management solution for spam, call blocking, call screening, video calls, Screen sharing, music hold and many more features to help you with an incredible incoming call experience for your personal and business incoming calls.

Featuring , a customizable incoming call screen that can screen calls, place callers on hold music from Spotify, and have your call assistant take your calls when you simply can’t.

The Lite version (Free) includes the following at no charge:

• Limited Uses of Call Screener
• Limited Uses of Hold on Music
• Limited Uses of Reply by Audio
• Unlimited Voicemail
• Ability to block unwanted calls with your own private block list
• Customizable AI Voice greeting or create your own voice greeting.
• Ads

Paid Subscription Key Features:

•. Call Screener - Find out in real time which calls are business/important and never have to speak to a robo/spam caller again. Call Screener is as easy as pressing a button.
• On Hold Music - When you just need more time to answer the phone Call Assistant will place incoming calls on hold music. While they wait you can finish what you were doing and then take the call.
• Customize Screener Buttons: You can create your own buttons and tell Call Assistant what you want to say to your callers.
•. Customize your quick reply Buttons: You can customize your own replies to what you need to communicate to your callers.
• Automatic Spam/Robo Call Blocker - Call Assistant will help filter out spam calls automatically in addition you can use Call screener to block robo calls.
• Reply by Audio - Call Assistant will take your calls for you when you are busy.
• Unlimited Visual Voicemail - Read your voicemails as them come in with Text to Speech
• Off network missed call log - Call assistant will tell you who calls when your phone is off network or phone battery dies.
• Call back reminders - You will get a reminder to call back all of your missed calls
• Default Dialer - Make Call Assistant the default dialer so we can handle all of your call logs in one central location, process outgoing calls, block calls, visual voicemail and more.


• Compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, StraightTalk, MetroPCS and others.

Not Compatible with Boost Mobile, Cricket, Google Fi and Consumer Cellular don't widely support conditional call forwarding so Call Assistant will not work due to these carriers not supporting conditional call forwarding.

Whats different about us:

• Call screening will make it so you never have to talk to a spam or robo call ever again.

• The first of its kind call screening service for all of those unknown numbers.

• Call screening is great with a heavy volume of business calls or those annoying solicitors.

Activating and Deactivating our service:

* * * When you Activate Call Assistant, we dial carrier specific codes to forward a missed call to the Call Assistant Voicemail System so we can manage all of your calls, including robo calls, spam and provide you with your visual voicemail in your call log as well as your visual voicemail screen.


Click on Prepare to Uninstall in the main menu, this will deactivate call assistant and Return your phone number to your Carrier voicemail from Settings, otherwise calls still go to Call Assistant even without the app installed!

To manually reset your phone use the appropriate dial sequence below:

• AT&T: Dial ##004#
• Verizon, XFinity: Dial *73
• Sprint, Boost: Dial *730 and then dial *740
• T-Mobile, Metro PCS: Dial ##004#
• All Other Carriers: Dial ##004#

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