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Call Recorder - Record Both Sides


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NomeCall Recorder-Both sides APK
Versão1.2 (3)
Atualizada05 de 01 de 2019
DesenvolvedorCapital Brand Technologies (Pvt.) Limited
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App Call Recorder - Record Both Sides

Most Reliable Incoming & Outgoing Call Recorder For Commercial & Personal Needs.

Call Recorder-Both ways application is a simple and useful way to record and store important calls in one’s mobile device. By using this call recorder, it is easy to save voice calls for future references and to keep track of them. Both outgoing and incoming calls can be recorded using Call Recorder, which allows one’s calls to be recorded regardless of whether the call has been made by the person or not. The quality of the recordings depends a great deal on the specific mobile device being used. Call recorder quality also depends on the type of application used on the device. An application for recording calls may be quite useful in various situations. From a professional view, a call recorder application can help keep a record of important business calls or to record an interview. If used for personal purposes, the call recorder can be used to remember important event information or conversations that may be needed later. Companies and businesses can use the application for saving customer service calls for reviewing afterwards and in turn using them for improving service. A call recorder has a wide range of uses in both professional and personal areas. Any misunderstood or forgotten information from a voice call can be retrieved by accessing the records. Conference calls can be recorded which will make information extraction less complicated. If there are many people in the conference call, the recording can be retrieved, and one may listen to it again to sort out the significant details. To make things easier, the call recorder allows one to share the call recordings with a contact. Call information that one may need to provide to their friends, family, colleagues, etc. can be conveniently shared through the application. For example, if one needs to share an interview call with a colleague or boss, they can share the interview recording made with the call recorder. This will allow the information to be shared easily and without any chance of errors or misinterpretation. Similarly, if there is an important upcoming event and the details are discussed through a voice call, the call recording can be shared to pass on the details of the event with specific contacts. The call recorder let’s one quickly and easily share any kind of important call with others, making it a handy tool for passing on information, or simply storing it for one’s own reference. Another feature of the call recorder is the notification after a successful recording. This allows one to confirm that their call has been recorded without any issue. It lets one know whether the certain call has been successfully recorded or not, considering that the call recorder can record all or some calls. One can set the call recorder to record incoming and outgoing calls from contacts, or from everyone, or perhaps unknown contacts only. Similarly, one can allow recording of only outgoing calls or only incoming calls. A notification is necessary in order to know for sure which call has been recorded out of all the outgoing or incoming voice calls. Therefore, the Call Recorder application is very beneficial for daily life situations whether it is used for business or personal information. It has a bunch of helpful features including being able to record both incoming and outgoing calls, sharing recordings with contacts, and receiving a notification after successful recordings. Call Recorder-both ways is simple to use and is a powerful tool for keeping track of voice calls containing important conversations.
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