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21 de mai de 2021

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Civilization Wars GAME

Civilization Wars is a game of strategy and smarts. The world is at war, now and forever. In Civilization Wars you won't just choose a side you'll run it.

Civilization Wars is not a simple game for simple people but rather an epic and intense game of global conflict that will ensure the lives of countless thousands. Choose your side, stake out a place on the map and then build your army, upgrade your weapons, train your soldiers, develop transport and supply lines, plot hostile take-overs of your neighbors, go to war and never give up.

In battle, you might need to use tactical logic to ascertain the most optimal form of combat but long term this game will be won by generals who know how to plan, pivot and push forward. In this variation of civilization wars you'll also have access to its three sequels. Each game is fully fleshed out and has its own unique world and choice of warriors from which to build your new world. Playthrough and finish all 4 titles if you dare.

Use your finger to click on the various in-game menus and select the options you want. Most interactions in this game are made by using the touch to navigate, click to select and drag to place.

Download it now and enjoy playing it !
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