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Última versão

NomeComOne APK
Versão3.5.1 (125)
Atualizada04 de 01 de 2018
DesenvolvedorAtHome Tech
CategoriaApps, Música e áudio

Atualizada - O que há de novo

1. Optimize the operation of panoramic camera;
2. Increase the use of email account registration;
3. Increase network environment testing, according to the test results to match the optimal transmission program.

App ComOne

ComOne IP Camera APP, assistir a sua família em todos os lugares, para ser seu mordomo!

See the situation at home anytime, anywhere. But also onlookers other people open the camera, see the beauty of the world, listen to the beautiful.

In the case of Multi-view mode, for a variety of network environments, support 2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi, provides a high-definition, smooth three viewing modes, to adapt to a variety of network environments, real touch phone can view the effect.
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