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Versão1.0.0.0 (1)
Atualizada28 de 01 de 2021
DesenvolvedorAustin Arinze
CategoriaApps, Compras

App Copit Store

Copit is a community marketplace enabling customers shop from vendors close by.


Copit store is a multi vendor e-commerce marketplace that allows you to shop for any range of products online and have them delivered to you as quickly as possible. You can also search for and shop specifically from your favourite stores online with swift delivery. Stores around are easier to find because of the geo-location feature integrated into the Copit system and payment is as easy as it can get.
Copit store offers a unique community based delivery system to ensure that items you purchased from stores within 3km from your location are delivered to you faster and at a fairer price. Also, with Copit Store’s delivery partners, GoKada, items purchased from stores more distant from your location can still be delivered to you faster and more efficiently as well, thus, making shopping faster and less stressful for you.


Copit Store is the ultimate solution for business owners who do not have websites, online payment platforms, or cannot handle deliveries, you just got the easiest way out of the trouble of lagging behind in an age where technology is dominant and quickly taking over trading systems around the world. Copit store is an eCommerce community platform that serves as a multi-vendor marketplace enabling business owners, sell any of their products online and receive payments online instantly.
Copit Store lets your customers order your products and have it delivered to them from the comfort of their homes. It also lets you manage your staff and assign duties to each staff. With Copit store, you get to easily manage your sales report, track inventory and even manage offline sales. Your customers also get to leave reviews, comments and rate your store to other buyers which in turn would lead to more sales. Copit Store also markets your brand to the maximum of its capabilities, letting you reach people who need products you have, but cannot physically get to your store.
Copit store gives you a unique easy, convenient, flexible, cost effective and secure ecommerce platform completely personalized to suit your business. We only require an email address of the shop manager for instant sign up and all products are immediately uploaded.
Our platform will also provide and integrate the following cutting edge functions for your business convenience which enables the business to compete globally.
Manage and process your online and offline orders easily from your store manager. Manage your customer information such as email addresses,location, number of orders and amount spent for record purposes.
Get analytic reports of your sales by date or product on your dashboard; view your ledger book and track low stock and out of stock products easily.
You can also assign unique roles to each staff and control the capabilities of each of your workers.


Copit is a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace that gives an opportunity for delivery agents to sign up and earn money by completing orders within their community with Copit’s new community delivery system. Deliveries are completely stress free for agents and can be done faster because of the 3km distance it covers. An easy to use delivery manager to keep track of your fulfilled deliveries and also to claim and fulfill more orders around you.
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