O app é tudo sobre a notificação. Ele mostra dados em tempo real sobre a CPU / GPU.


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27 de out de 2019
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CPU/GPU Meter & Notification & APP

Have you ever wondered what is your CPU or GPU doing now, how many memory is currently available and so on? Usually to do this you had to quit your app and switch to other one to see this data. But by the time of switching data is already irrelevant!

With help of this app you can have all this data as permanent notification and you can access it in a single swipe.

The app shows

1. Name of app (or process) consuming most CPU cycles now*
2. CPU utilization - total and per core
3. CPU frequency - current, maximum and average
4. CPU active core
5. CPU temperature*
6. Battery temperature
7. Available memory
8. GPU utilization*
9. GPU frequency - current and maximum*


Application also show information about device's hardware.*

If you are wondering how you could remove temporary the notification, you can expand it and you will see "remove" button. To enable it back again just start the app.

Supports Android 8

* DISCLAIMER: Some Mali's GPU are not supported. This is because of permission issues on Mali devices. Also because of permissions issues with some custom ROMs (like Linage OS) other options marked with * may not be supported as well. Sorry for this inconvenient. If there is someway to solve it, we will. Data shown in the application are for information. For accurate specification please refer to the manufacturer.

If you wish other functionality in the app, feel free to ask in comments :)

Thanks !

Future versions with free access as now:
1. Change log inside app (done)
2. New feature: CPU/GPU name and speed index (done)
3. Notification for high battery temperature (done)
4. Internet meter
5. HDD meter (if possible)
6. New design (done)
7. Root access in order to unlock all features

Future versions paid functionality:
1. Custom arrangement of notification
2. Donations (done)
3. Usage history
4. Dark & White themes (done)
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