Saiba onde e quando dirigir e aumente seus ganhos em viagens.


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2 de mar de 2020
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App Craco

Craco is an app made by a driver to drivers. The main goal is to provide to rideshare drivers information that let them make the right choices to where and when drive, growing their ride earnings.

In this app, depending on your location, you can check hourly grouped information for arrivals and departures from several airports, that will help you to take a decision if, is best to go to the airport or to hotels area for pickups.

You can also found cruises schedules. On days with high cruises count, there are a lot more chances to get long rides from the airport to the cruise!

Here are the types of information you can find on the app:

- Flights arrivals and departures per hour;
- Cruises list per day;
- Conferences, trade shows, sport games, music show and more;
- Theme
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