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Crushy Fingers: Relaxing Games


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Última versão

NomeCrushy Fingers APK
Versão1.2.1 (5)
Atualizada22 de 10 de 2021
CategoriaJogos, Aventura

Jogo Crushy Fingers: Relaxing Games

Esmague os objetos e sinta a satisfação

Feel tired after a hard day? Squeeze and destroy objects with your fingers to get instant satisfaction! Step on soft objects and feel stress relief playing Crushy Fingers.

In this antistress hand game, your goal is to get to the finish first safe and sound! Race and compete with the other players crushing objects on your way.

Be careful not to step on a hot frying pan, stinking poop, or any other obstacle that can hurt and slow down your fingers. Avoid knives, saws, and other sharp objects unless you want to cut your fingers and end this antistress game.

Why you’ll love these stress relief games:

- Fun ASMR gameplay
- Multiple soft objects to squash
- Relaxing game experience
- Bright 3D graphics
- Easy controls

Destroy tubes of toothpaste, rubber ducks, fruits, and other soft objects to relax. Crushing everything on your way is much better than popping pimples. Play Crushy Fingers and enjoy one of the best antistress games now!
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