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NomecWork APK
Versão1.86 (86)
Atualizada28 de 01 de 2022
DesenvolvedorcWork Microjob Limted
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App cWork

Plataforma de micro-emprego de crowdsourcing

cWork is a microjob platform where you can perform small tasks and get paid for them. cWork is the first platform in Bangladesh where you can earn money doing a small task efficiently from the android mobile app. cWork is the best money-making android app in Bangladesh.

☑ Tasks are made in a way that you can do that completely on the mobile app.
☑ You can view the status of your under review tasks
☑ View your account balance
☑ Withdraw money from your account when you reach 100 takas.
☑ You can withdraw twice a month.
☑ Get five tasks every day

What kind of job you can do on a mobile app:
We have three types of jobs on our cWork Mobile app based on the experience and expertise level of the user. The beginner-level tasks need low skill and less time. To perform expert-level work, you need to be skilled.

Beginner level:
You just visit any website that is in the USA and copy data from there. Later paste those sentences.
Subscribe to different channels with your valid email address and get paid for the small task on the cWork mobile app
Video Watch:
Watch different types of videos on the mobile app and earn money for that.

Moderate Level:
You need to have some standard skills to do this type of job. These jobs usually pay you higher than beginner-level jobs.
Medical Prescription Data Collection:
You will collect medical prescriptions from your family and upload the data to cWork to sell it.

Expert Level:
This type of job pays a lot. You can earn an outstanding amount of money if you have the skill to perform the job.
SEO content writing:
You have to write SEO content for given keywords. This job pays 500 Taka to 2000 Taka per job.

When do you get Payment:
cWork pays its mobile app users twice a month. You will get money to your mobile payment system account on every 1st and 15th of the calendar date every month. We have a cashout option in our mobile app. When you have a 100 Taka balance in your account, you can withdraw your money, and you will get it on your bkash account every month on the date mentioned earlier.

How much money can you make online from the mobile app
Well, it depends on your skill level. If you like high-skilled tasks, you can earn more than 1000 taka per month. On the other hand, if you like jobs that need low skills, then you can make an average of 300 takas per month. If you can do a high skilled job, you can earn more than 5000 Taka per month.

Earn real money
cWork is the only app in Bangladesh that pays real money for doing real tasks online in a mobile app. We are in operation for more than four years. So first, you can join our Facebook group, and then you see how closely we work with our contributors.

Best Earning app in Bangladesh
We can undoubtedly say that cWork is the best-earning app in Bangladesh because it has been paying its users for more than four years, it has the highest paying online jobs that you can do from the mobile apps, and it has a constant flow of online works that earn real money.

How cWork Make Money
Well, we sell your work to the buyers at a higher price than we pay you. So that makes our profit margin and gives us money so that we can survive.

How long cWork is paying real money for its mobile app user
We have been paying our users for almost four years.

Do you have a legal presence in Bangladesh
Yes. We registered our company in May 2018 under the company Act 1994 in Bangladesh RJSC. We are a limited company, and BD venture is our shareholder. We have participated in the Grameenphone accelerator program in 2018.

To know more about cWork's app and be a part of your community, you can join our Facebook group. All of us are very active in the group.
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