Goku e z guerreiros devem lutar contra o lutador z no Torneio de batalha Power!


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31 de dez de 2017
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Dragon FighterZ GAME

Goku and z warriors must fight a fierce battle with dragon from parallel world in the tournament of power for the super ball legacy. The story is split into six battle: the tenkaichi, the saiyan super invasion, the emperor golden frieza, the android raging blast, the cell games, the evil majin buu, and the battle of z. Zen-oh is waiting for you.

This is new figthing games, inspired from dragon fighter super fan. Players each select characters from dragon fighter Z to battle and unlock new characters. Player must participate on royal rumble with 10 players. Players can also wish for power and skill with ball of the blue super dragon.
There are more than 20 tenkaichi characters and different budokai skill 100 skills include signature skill on Z fighter.

- Ultimate Final Flash : special attack techniques and signature by trunks and vegeta SSGSS.
- Kamehameha kaioken X20 : super power up techniques by songoku SSGSS.
- Emperor's Death Beam: super ball dbz attack techniques by golden frieza.
- Ultra Blaster Meteor: powerful energy blasts by Broly and Kefla.
- Sphere of Destruction: Beerus the god of Destruction technique.
- Ultra instinct : the new transformation that is super powerful for dokkan and jiren the pride troopers.
- Fusion : merge 2 characters into stronger characters such as Vegito.

• 60+ DBS Fighter from dragon fighter such as goku, vegeta, gohan.
• 100+ DBZ unique and signature skill such as saga dragon strike, spirit ball.
• multiple transformations SSJ to SSGSS.
• 60+ bosses with 100+ levels.
• Infinite xeno burst limit combo.
• Multiplayer xenovers and challengers mode.
• Collect golden balls with radar to grant wish and dbxv2 upgrade.

This is fan-made version game from dragon fighterz super fans and made for entertainment only. Download this dragonbalz fighting games for FREE.
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