Evil Scary Teacher Creepy Game: Horror House 3D APK

Evil Scary Teacher Creepy Game: Horror House 3D


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NomeScary Teacher 3D APK
Versão0.4 (4)
Atualizada26 de 09 de 2021
DesenvolvedorRISQ Studio
CategoriaJogos, Aventura

Jogo Evil Scary Teacher Creepy Game: Horror House 3D

Prank the scary high school teacher and sneak into horror house of evil teacher.

This is the story of a genius student whose nightmare becomes a revenge in Evil Scary Teacher Creepy Game: Horror House 3D. The scary teacher punishes every student is very cruel for the whole class. The genius student Jill feels sad for her friends when the horror teacher is punishing them for no reason. That's here time to take the revenge and punish the scary teacher for all his wrongs. In this scary game, you are going to play the role of Jill and will prank the old scary teacher who is now your neighbor. Just like other school teacher games, we offer numerous pranks to ruin the day of your scary evil teacher who was frightening the kids in school. The scary teacher house is full of mysteries and you need to find out way to prank her. The controls are easy to use and will let you enjoy the gameplay with numerous cutscenes and realistic sound effects in the spooky game.

There creepy scary teacher game has an interesting environment and a unique storyline for you to enjoy the scary teacher simulator. You can perform numerous activities to scare the teacher in the scary game. You must complete the tasks on time and keep an eye on the Camera system to stay protected from the teacher. Scary teacher 2021 is full of unique levels and new props for you to spend an awesome time in the story. Get ready to face the biggest fear of your childhood your School teacher. Evil Scary Teacher Creepy Game: Horror House 3D has more than 10 unique levels with different pranks and mysteries to solve. You have to make different choices during gameplay. Find screw drivers, solve puzzles, break doors, and lookout for different ways to prank your old school teacher. The evil teacher in scary games is very cruel and if she catches you, you will be in trouble. She will punish you hard and you won't dare come back to her house.

Get ready to experience the most addictive prank game of the year with unique 3d characters and realistic animations. You need to prank the teacher and make an escape plan from the horror house at the same time. The horror school teacher is wandering in the house looking for you. Be careful and never let her reach near your position, run as fast as you can and prank her. The evil teacher has punished you a lot and now it's your time to take the revenge, Complete all missions and be the best student to tease the evil high school teacher 2021. Download the scary teacher game and enjoy the prank life of Jill.

Features of Evil Scary Teacher Creepy Game: Horror House 3D

- Horror 3d scary teacher house
- Evil creepy teacher chasing you all around the house
- Multiple levels to prank the teacher
- Easy to use controls and joystick movement
- Realistic animations and sound effects
- Smooth gameplay and HD Graphics
- Numerous fun activites to spend the spare time
- Teaser mode to enjoy pranking the high school teacher
- and much more
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