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Versão1.6 (6)
Atualizada21 de 12 de 2020
DesenvolvedoreShelf Gaming Studio
CategoriaJogos, Simulação

Jogo Fighting The Virus

Este jogo é uma homenagem aos profissionais da linha de frente em caso de ameaça de vírus.

This game is a glowing tribute to front-line professionals (paramedics, doctors, nurses) in event of virus threat.
Game characters:
a) Heroes (player select one of his/her choice at start of the game)
1- Male doctor
2- Female doctor
3- Male nurse
4- Female nurse.
b) Villain
1- Many different sizes from very small to smaller to medium size of the viruses.
2- Some of the big to bigger and deadlier (dangerous) of the viruses ̶̶ should have different colors then the smaller viruses.
Hero should have injections and sprays saved in the pockets of the uniform to kill the virus. Main street should have different smaller connected streets. There should be population on both sides of the streets, which should be shown by different types and sizes of houses in various streets. Main street should show the markets and vendors for different types of products that may include grocery, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc. In this population, around the main street and connected streets, there should be various public places for kids or for both kids/adults like:
1- House of the common people
2- Cinema
3- School
4- College
5- University
6- Police station
7- Gas station
8- Hospital
9- Bank
10- Shopping mall
11- Government offices
12- Airport
13- Seaport
14- . etc.
Plot of the Story:
Hero should walk/run on the street with respective uniform on ̶̶ any one of the males/females Doctor or male/female Nurse ̶̶ that was the choice of the game player. While on the road hero, heard the noise from the people who are affected due to virus attack in their homes or different public places (as listed above). Hero go and kill the virus by using sprays and injections to people. Hero will get points (get more points by killing bigger virus and less points by killing smaller viruses), and there should be conditions where hero get killed as well.
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