Um estilo totalmente novo de jogo de luta


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30 de nov de 2020

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Invincible Fighter GAME

★ An entirely new style of fighting game that brought over-the-shoulder camera mode
★ Watch your opponent's actions to dodge and guard at the right timing, and aim for the enemy's weak spots to deal critical hits
★ Feel the fantastic SFX, hit satisfaction, and extreme action
★ A game that gives you the fun of collecting and growing
★ Collect and grow 70 different characters and 100 different skills
★ Feel the joy of strategically building a deck using different characters with various skills
★ Various modes with unique rules
★ Clear the stages with various enemies in the Arena mode, a level designed in single-player mode
★ Battle against other players' decks in Championship mode, an asynchronous multiplayer match
★ Enjoy 3 Under Arena modes and 4 Championship modes, each with different rules
★ Build a variety of decks to accommodate for the changing rules and clear as many stages as you can or achieve higher ranks
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