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NomeK米 APK
Versão2.8.0 (69)
Atualizada18 de 06 de 2015
CategoriaApps, Música e áudio

App K米 - 全国KTV点歌、预订


National KTV VOD artifact!
Apple's music class ranking No. 7!
Go KTV, K m not playing, you O-U-T, right? !
Chinese fans, Pa Mak, party animals loaded to force necessary!
************************************------ [K m 2.0 debut! ] ------
[One thousand] exclusive support for the thousands of KTV KTV, good music Di Bao Le Di, agogo, joy Di, Newway etc. all have.
[K] radio song songs loaded to force, intonation score, recording download using a mobile phone wheat Pa influx of people to do the song.
[Box] melee loaded to force remote control, animated facial expressions, Tucao flowers, drums all yours pipe!
[Social] K song KTV local beauty, all in one list K Alameda, not to listen to beautiful singing the same city?
[Buy] book synchronization support the country to buy thousands of KTV book direct box function will be open in major cities, K song do not line up!
[Virtual] box boxes party to join, interactive amuse than to play with!
[Send invitation] invitation letter and QQ micro small partner, join the party, High together!
[Chat] KTV audience hall to chat, and the beauty about them![Users] ------ ------ praise
"Is not an ordinary fun! Too moist! With me are deft asked me how to use it! The future is a big fan of K m children pull!"
"Connecting the K m software is I go to KTV first thing to do."
"K m K song I realized the pleasure, the pleasure of both karaoke rooms, as well as friends and go KTV, compete for ranking, the list do maiba are very happy!"
"Good use app, the first experience I felt very unique song cut song, comments, send photos, so other friends were bewildered to see. Secretly happy! Girl is envy, jealousy and hatred, you cow x!"◆ find the fastest song
- Super search box automatically associate recommended hits
- Retrieve the last point of the song, but also fast favorites
- Collection, points and points, do not stop◆ Remote most cattle
- Second speed of the song, I cut, I Qieqie Qie
- A key quartet, wonderful again
- Accompaniment, microphone volume controlled by you◆ insert song most ruthless
- Instant top songs, you know ...
- Randomly inserted song like how to sing how to sing
- Ratings vocals random save◆ box most hi
- Mobile point to the junior partner of the most loved cheers
- Funny text to an amused everyone
- A picture is worth a thousand words, moments instantly share
-KTV Audience chat, and the beauty about it[Join fan base]
Just join K m fan base, brought together K song Daren far apart, found the organization together Hi ~
M Friends of the exchange QQ group: 200 107 359
Official micro letter: K m
Official microblogging: http: //weibo.com/ktvme
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