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21 de jul de 2022
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App Kunduz - Homework Help App

Kunduz is the best study app for students to get unlimited personalized homework help, for college and high school. Connect with our expert tutors and get step-by-step solutions in minutes - 24/7.


Get your answers in minutes for Math (Calculus, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry & more), Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical) Physics, Biology, Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Physical) and for many more College courses (Economics, Computer Science, Finance and Accounting). If you’re still stuck, message tutors instantly to get more help when you need it!


How It Works?

1. Snap a pic of your math, science, or engineering problem and send to our tutors

2. Get your personalized step-by-solution from an expert within minutes

3. Chat with a tutor instantly if you have follow up questions or need more help

Why Kunduz?

- Personalized study help, available 24/7
- Unlimited expert Q&A, get all your questions solved / answered in minutes
- Instantly chat with tutors to get more help, ensure you understand and learn learn key concepts
- Saves you time, you can stop wasting hours endlessly searching for answers online
- Most affordable way to get immediate, unlimited, expert study help


Courses Supported:

- Math (Calculus, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, & more)
- Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical)
- Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic, Physical)
- Physics
- Biology
- Computer Science
- Economics (Macro, Micro)
- Accounting
- Anatomy & Physiology


Who Can Use Kunduz?

Anyone who needs help with high school or college-level courses!
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