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NomeMake a HamBurger APK
Versão4.1.5 (4001005)
Atualizada17 de 10 de 2016
CategoriaApps, Ferramentas

App Make a HamBurger

Cozinhe receita de hambúrguer de vovó

Hamburgers Cooking is always a good idea and easy to prepare when you are hungry and you have not much time. Now lets prepare the ingredients which we need. Will begin with the buns used usually for the regular hamburger. Take the eggs and begin to break to put them in the pot, then take hamburger meat, a spice, and mix with a mixer until it becomes a paste. Then put it on the stove to bake. Stop the stove, take the meat and put it on the plate, then we take the meat and put it in bread roll. We use genuine cheese, green onions, tomatoes and ketchup.
Enjoy Hamburger
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