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Última versão

NomeMediabox APK
Versão7.7.5 (775)
Atualizada21 de 08 de 2020
DesenvolvedorMagzter Inc.
CategoriaApps, Entretenimento

App Mediabox

Mediabox Magazine é a primeira revista de televisão e entretenimento em casa

Mediabox Magazine is the first television and home entertainment magazine in Malayalam. Mediabox will be published on a monthly basis and will be making a very visible presence on all newsstands, supermarkets and bookstalls. Along with the printed magazine we are planning to run updates through our website, Social Media pages and to conduct events to boost the subscription of the magazine and gain maximum mileage.

We aims to be regular feature in every Kerala home with a television. Though we have lots of platforms for communication the print media has its own power. Print makes the message memorable, print makes the message personal, and print makes the message profitable. ‘MEDIA BOX’ aims to be a one stop magazine solution for all TV viewers in Kerala.
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