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Última versão

NomeMegacraft - Pocket Edition APK
Versão2.0.0 (15)
Atualizada29 de 11 de 2021
DesenvolvedorAlexander Kowalczyk
CategoriaJogos, Simulação

Atualizada - O que há de novo

Big update 2.0.0

- A lot of work on optimization, many bugs and shortcomings were fixed
- Added over 40 new items for construction and decoration
- Added transport, ground, air and military
- Changed behavior of animals and NPCs, they became friendlier
- New world textures, new music and sounds
- And also a lot of small changes, more details inside!

Thank you for playing our game!

Jogo Megacraft - Pocket Edition

Mini jogo de caixa de areia de artesanato de bloco! Sobrevivência, criação e construção de jogos de simulador!

Megacraft: is a mine block craft 3D survival simulator & crafting and building games of unlimited possibilities where you yourself come up with a goal! Mine resources, craft blocks and items, start building a house and enjoy the beauty of the endless voxel mini world! Sandbox mode (creative), survival and Story mode (adventure)! More than 10,000,000 people have already played our crafting and building games!

There are several modes in Megacraft:

Survival - mode for real thrill-seekers and simulator of realism! You are on a desert island where your main goal is to survive at any cost! Create a pickaxe, ax, shovel and go to mine useful resources in mines, create weapons and armor in the block craft section to defend against hostile mobs and zombies! Build a shelter that will protect you from attacks and give you warmth and storage space! This mode is perfect for crafting and building games for lovers of realism and adventure in a mini world!

Sandbox - a creative mode where you need to build a house and for those who want to show their imagination and imagination! Unlike the "Survival" mode, an infinite number of all game creating resources are available in your inventory for free and you do not need to create them, a flight simulator is also available, invulnerable and your main goal is to build a house! You can create absolutely any buildings, create a whole settlement, cities and even mine cities! Populate them with various NPCs and animals!

Story mode (Adventure) - you are alone in the forest, you already have a ready empty house and around only wild animals! Your main task is to start building a small block craft village and populate it with an NPC and develop it into a large settlement! Take care of food, health, warmth and protection from mobs. The ability of the crafting and building system will give you the opportunity to quickly get the essentials!

Other features of Megacraft:

- More than 200 unique blocks and items to create a house, city, etc.
- More than 20 unique mobs, peaceful and hostile
- Large selection of ground and air transport, implemented a simulator of driving a bike and cars
- Large selection of decor and items for building and decorating mine houses
- Ability to spawn and interact with NPCs in the block craft mini world!
- Several game modes (Survival, Creative sandbox, Adventure story mode)
- Nice graphics, sounds, low weight of the game and the ability to play on weak devices!
- And other mine adventures await you inside!

This sandbox simulator uses code from the Minetest project! You can always get the latest Minetest code from If you have any questions or find a bug, please let us know at:
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