OYE Lite - Live random video chat & video call APK

OYE Lite - Live random video chat & video call


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Última versão

NomeOYEChatLite APK
Versão2.9.5 (107)
Atualizada18 de 11 de 2021
DesenvolvedorOYE Chat Team
CategoriaApps, Social

App OYE Lite - Live random video chat & video call

Inicie rapidamente o chat de vídeo aleatório e relaxe assistindo a uma incrível videochamada ao vivo.

What can you do in this popular social app OYE Lite? You can video chat with local people and talk in real time with people nearby. Meet awesome friends from all over the world. Watch real people in Livestream, sending gift to the one you love. Or go live and receive gife from you fans.

When would people use OYE Chat Lite ?

When you feel boring at home in a rainy day.
When you waiting for a bus in a station for half an hour.
When you are on a train and want to talk to somebody.
When you are curious about differrent culture.
When you want to make friends with people from other countries.
When you feel lonely and want to ask somebody out.


OYE Lite would be with you all the time ! Just open OYE Lite and make a video call to someone, anytime, anywhere!

Why should I choose OYE Lite? What's the highlight of this amazing social APP?

Real-time live stream and video chat ensure no faking profile in this social app!

It can't be easier to make new friends in OYE Lite! By simply moving your fingers, you can meet with people from across the world and join their live video chat.

3) FUN
We encourage people to show their talent in OYE Lite, starting live,dancing,singing,gaming.Get followers, gain fans, receive gifts here!So many awesom people sharing their life there.
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