Physics Formulas:  For XI-XII ,IIT-JEE APK

Physics Formulas: For XI-XII ,IIT-JEE


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App Physics Formulas: For XI-XII ,IIT-JEE

This App useful for all XI-XII ,IIT-JEE and other Competitive Examination.

This App is Extremely Useful for the students studying in Class 11 and 12 ,also for those who preparing for the competitive exam like JEE main , JEE Advance , BITSAT ,MHTCET , EAMCET , KCET , UPTU (UPSEE), WBJEE , VITEEE ,NEET PMT ,CBSE PMT , AIIMS , AFMC ,CPMT and all other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam.
This app is also Very useful for the teachers who teaches physics.

The App covers topics

- Vectors
- Motion in Straight Line and Projectile
- Newton's Law of Motion and Friction
- Circular Motion
- Work Energy and Power
- Center of mass
- Rotational Motion , Rigid Body Dynamics
- Gravitation , Escape Velocity
- Periodic Motion , Simple Harmonic Motion
- Fluid Mechanics
- Some Mechanical properties of matter
- Kinetic theory of gases
- Thermodynamics , isothermal and adiabatic process
- Heat conduction
- Wave motion
- Stationary wave and Vibration in Stretched String
- Interference and young double slit experiment
- Beats and Doppler's effect
- Reflection of Light
- Lens
- Snell's law and prism
- Dispersion , telescope and microscope
- Electric Field and Potential
- Gauss law
- Capacitor
- Current electricity
- Magnetism
- Magnetic Dipole and Permanent magnet
- Electromagnetic Induction
- Alternating Current
- Magnetic Properties of Matter and Transformer
- Photoelectric effect and Radio Activity
- Semiconductor devices
- Logic gates
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