Pimsleur. A arte da conversação. Baixo a uma ciência.


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25 de out de 2017

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Pimsleur. The Art of Conversation. Down to a Science.

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Paul Pimsleur developed a method that transformed language learning. Since then, millions have used this system to begin to speak and understand a new language quickly. You can too.

Still only 30 minutes a day, Pimsleur Unlimited is completely portable. Use it on your phone or tablet in the car, at the gym, or while out for a walk. 

Pimsleur Unlimited is available in eight of our most popular languages - Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese, and in up to five levels. All of our 51 languages for English speakers and our 14 versions of English are also available in audio-only versions using the Pimsleur Course Manager App (available in the app store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.edt.ss.coursemanager.android).

Each level of Pimsleur Unlimited contains approximately 15 hours of audio language instruction in 30 daily lessons featuring the proven Pimsleur Method, plus ...

Up to 20 Reading Lessons to introduce you to reading,
300 digital flash cards allow you to practice, brush up, or review,
And with the Quick Match interactive phrase game, you get 300 questions to challenge you.
30 Speak Easy conversations allow you to fine-tune conversational skills and perfect your accent,
30 spectacular high resolution travel photographs to inspire and enhance your cultural education,
30 Lightbulb Moments to connect culture & history to your language learning.

Why Pimsleur?

Quick + Easy – Only 30 minutes a day.
Portable + Flexible – Can be done anytime, anywhere, and easily fit into your busy life.
Proven Method – Works when other methods fail.
Self-Paced – Go fast or go slow – it’s up to you.
Based in Science – Developed using proven research on memory and learning.
Cost-effective – Less expensive than classes or immersion, and features all native speakers.
Genius – Triggers your brain’s natural aptitude to learn.
Works for everyone – Recommended for ages 13 and above.
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