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Última versão

NomePleo APK
Versão3.18.2 (2044749781)
Atualizada09 de 11 de 2021
DesenvolvedorPleo Technologies ApS
CategoriaApps, Finanças

Atualizada - O que há de novo

Bug fixes and performance improvements

App Pleo

Automatizar relatórios de despesas

Work can be hard. Paying for things at work shouldn’t be. Pleo helps forward-thinking teams buy what they need to do their jobs better. It means people feel more valued, more trusted – and free from expenses reports and paying out-of-pocket.

[Taxis. Tacos. Tools. Whatever your business needs, Pleo it.]

Our mobile app gives you the power to:

Get instant notifications when you buy something with your Pleo card
Capture receipts and categorise purchases in a few seconds
Track and review your spending
Make any changes you need to your card, like blocking it or changing the PIN
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