Become rich with the fortune wheel in Portuguese


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20 de dez de 2015

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Roda a Roda GAME

Roda a Roda is a digital fortune wheel that lets you play alone or with a bunch of friends on the same device. The maximum number of players is four, but you can also play with two or three.

Before you start playing you can choose the categories that are going to be shown on the wheel: fruits, soccer players, car brands, countries, flags, etc. By default, all categories are included, but you can mark only the ones you want.

The gameplay in Roda a Roda is exactly what you would expect of a mobile version of the fortune wheel. You can turn the wheel, and once you know how much money you get, you can ask for a letter. If that letter is present on the name you are guessing, you receive the money.

Roda a Roda is a great version of the classic game, fortune wheel. It lets you play along a few other friends, or just by yourself.
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