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Última versão

Versão0.6 (6)
Atualizada14 de 10 de 2020
DesenvolvedorBlack Zebra Games
CategoriaApps, Ferramentas

App RPG Tavern Generator

Gerador de taverna simples com npcs e menus

This is a tool I built myself for dungeons and dragons. As I don't have a tutorial in app the first button on the side is the description on the tavern, second going down is the patrons, each name will have a description and talking points connected to them. The third is the menu, and the fourth is the generate tavern button. The fifth is a save button which does not work for now but if I get 1k downloads I will add it. Lastly is the exit button. The interface isn't great and there are a few bugs. I am releasing this to the public to see if there is any traction for it. I will update the interface and add to the generator if anyone actually downloads this.

Download goals
500 - Added drink menu.
1k - Save Feature to save the taverns you like.
2k - Add 500+ words/phrases to each category.
5k - Add in environment modifiers.
10k - Section edit mode.
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