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Última versão

NomeRupeeBucket APK
Versão1.0.9 (109)
Atualizada18 de 09 de 2021
DesenvolvedorIndia-credit Provider
CategoriaApps, Finanças

App RupeeBucket

flexible loan eliminates the tedious process and application program.

RupeeBucket is a mobile financial platform, which can provide users with the safe loan service. The new mode of simple, convenient, flexible loan eliminates the tedious process and application program.

1. Indian citizen
2. 18-55 years old
3. Have a stable income

Loan Amount: from ₹2000 to 200000
Tenure: Minimum of 91 days and Maximum of 365 days
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate(APR): 0.08% per day, also is 29.2% per annum.
Processing Fee: Up to 5% of Loan Amount (additional 18% GST)

For ₹10000 loan of 91 days duration
Applicable fees: ₹10000 * 5% = ₹500
GST: ₹500 * 18% = ₹90
Interest payable: ₹10000 * 29.2% / 365days * 91days = ₹728
Total cost of the loan: ₹500 + ₹90 + ₹728 = ₹1318
Total repayment amount(91days): ₹10000 + ₹1318 = ₹11318

We provide more flexible customized services, which can be selected by users.

Feature of product:
1.Easy to borrow: The threshold is low, just register your mobile phone number, fill in the basic information and apply for a loan.
2.Flexible quotas: In order to meet the borrowing needs of different customers, we have designed a variety of products.
3.Diversified products: cooperate with many financial institutions, allowing you to enjoy fast and secure lending services.
4.Repayment by installments: simple borrowing, simpler repayment, multiple repayment methods, and no pressure on monthly repayment.

• Fair interest rate
• Simple process
• Easily approved
• No processing fees

All the transactions are secured via a 256-bit SSL encryption. All the data are transferred over secured connections. We do not share your data with any third parties without your consent. Your data is totally safe with us.

If you have any questions, please contact our online staff for assistance.
Working Hours: 9 am to 18 pm (Monday to Friday)

Address: SECOND FLOOR,, H-16,, SECTOR-53,, NOIDA, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 201301
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