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Última versão

NomeShopper's Assistant APK
Versão2.0.1 (3)
Atualizada10 de 06 de 2021
DesenvolvedorDarthNinja Studios
CategoriaApps, Compras

App Shoppers Assistant

Scan item barcode instore and know your trolley value before checkout.

Scan a product barcode, and get the name and price on your phone. And it will add to your total value of Items in your cart.

This app is designed for in-store use. It will calculate the total value of your items inside your cart. Or it will show you the amount you have left of your budget (if you chose to use a budget)

*Note: We currently only support Pick n' Pay stores. But More Stores will be added soon!

*Note: This is the free version and it allows to scan up to 10 items!
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