O melhor terror de sobrevivência sobre o Slenderman.


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17 de mar de 2022

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Slenderman Survival In The For GAME

Slenderman Survival In The Forest-Immerse yourself in a dense atmosphere of mystery and horror! Explore into the dark forest to find all 8 pictures and escape from Slender. But be careful! A slender man is nearby! On your journey, you will encounter many unexplained things that can be deadly. Always remember that every step you take may be your last, because a Slender Man is watching you...

About the game:
▶ Dark and full of mysteries forest. In this eerie place, a dim flashlight illuminating the path is your only friend.
▶ Real indie survival horror! Atmospheric forest, frightening sounds and the legendary thin man!
▶ User-friendly controls, beautiful graphics and creepy music!
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