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Última versão

NomeSponsored APK
Versão1.2 (27)
Atualizada25 de 04 de 2016
DesenvolvedorPhantom Reality, Inc.
CategoriaApps, Corporativo

App Sponsored

Ele permite que atletas patrocinados para entrar e registrar suas atividades e obter recompensas

The sponsored athlete can view their past activities, offered rewards by the organization and past rewards which they have earned. The Sponsored Athletes can also add activities, which they have performed. An activity can be of two types, either posted to facebook or not. For posting to facebook, activity picture is required. Athletes will publish their activities on facebook (Our approved liv app ID: 681663355283437) . Against each activity they post, they will achieve preconfigured points. The Sponsored Athletes can use the points to get rewards from the Sports Organization. The higher the activities posted, the higher the points achieved and larger the incentive they will receive! This app is only for the registered athletes who belong to specific organizations. You need to get yourself registered via contacting us at
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