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Atualizada17 de 04 de 2021
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What does this product do?
This product is the fifth in line in our Sporty Cheetah product line with others being,, SportyCheetah, SportyCheetah 2, and SportyCheetah 3.

What is new in this product?
This product not only offers a robust digital real time clock, stop watch, powerful calculator, interactive map and an interact weather gadget, but also sound of text tool that could save a text content for future use, and also in an audio format for various languages. Further, this application offers quick access to camera, camcorder, and flash light.

Would there be a need for such a product in this day and age?
Purpose driven devices, especially directed towards "sportsters" has seen a constant need in the marketplace, even in this day and age. We had this kind of application developed a while ago, and we asked the same question about the value of such a product. For that reason, we kept that product more to a smaller group for some time now. Then, while researching further, we found such products getting support through crowdfunding and more. For that matter, a physical digital timer received more than a million dollars in funding through one of the crowdfunding platforms, and is currently available as a product for the pledge amount of $79.

Why we did not consider a crowdfunding platform to fund our project?
We believe in accountability, and what best way to show our accountability rather than to offer a fully functional product for a reasonable price. We certainly would explore on crowdfunding frontier, if need be, in the future. For that matter, we have our own Y-STARTER for this purpose. However, concerns such as prevalence of scams and lack of accountability has made us take a cautious approach on this front. Here is one reference article for this purpose,

For that reason, before we take any further action on our Y-Starter platform, we are trying to be due-diligent on understanding how to address current issues with such platforms, prior to expanding Y-Starter. In the mean time, we would like to continue building value-driven products and offer those products through the traditional route for a right price. This product happens to be one such product on this front.

Detailed Explanation:
Device based applications has become part and parcel of our lives, and each one of us tend to have at least 20+ apps on our devices either through direct downloads or through system based applications and other service provider based bloatware. For that matter, the number of apps on the Google Play Store has increased from 0 in 2009 to around 3.04 million apps by September 2020. Hence, there is a need to offer solutions that is not convoluted and easy to implement, while offering easy access and removes clutter. This particular application was developed with the primary purpose to offer convenience and simplicity in accessing and improving their devices. Please note that we neither claim this application to be unique nor out of the ordinary. However, we are in the process of building an ecosystem of clean and lean applications to optimize storage usage on the device, while offer an variety of specific and relevant applications.

What does this product offer?
1. Digital real time clock to manage time
2. Simple to set and manageable timer
3. No unnecessary need to carry another device for this purpose
4. No ads
5. Also, reduces energy, material demands coming from manufacturing standalone devices for this purpose
6. Interactive stopwatch with ai-based voice output
7. Interactive Open sourced Map for directions
8. Interactive Open sourced Weather map
9. Expandable calculator
10. Sound of Text gadget that can generate audio file from plain text in various languages
11. Quick access to camera and camcorder
12. Quick access to in-built flashlight with flickering capability

Motto of our Mission (MooM)™: Building an ecosystem of, "Theory & Practice of Everything"
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