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NomeSwiss Bankers APK
Versão5.1.5 (1200199)
Atualizada04 de 01 de 2022
DesenvolvedorSwiss Bankers
CategoriaApps, Finanças

App Swiss Bankers

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The Swiss Bankers App lets you adjust your Swiss Bankers Mastercard Prepaid Card to your needs. You can keep track of your expenses, card loads, cash withdrawals, and current card credit balance at any time and be notified after each transaction via the app or by SMS.
With the Swiss Bankers Send Service you can send money abroad safely with low fees. You can send money directly from the app to various countries with different receiving options, such as to a Swiss Bankers Mastercard, to a Mastercard, to a foreign bank account, to a Digital Wallet or have the sending amount paid out at a pay-out location.


Customize easily your Card Settings:
• Completely and immediately block the card in case of loss
• Block the card for online purchases or contactless payments
• Block countries in which you do not wish to use your card
• You can cancel all these blockages at any time by yourself.

Full control over your expenses:
• Check your remaining card balance and transactions in real time. Simply and safely view all details regarding your card account.

Fully transparent transactions:
• The Swiss Bankers app lets you take pictures of your purchases and sales receipts and store them. In this way, you will not only know where you used your Swiss Bankers Mastercard Prepaid but also for what purpose.

Notification when the card has been used:
• You may choose to have a Push Notification sent to you for each transaction on your Swiss Bankers Mastercard Prepaid account. Or you may subscribe to the SMS Service so as to be notified even without an Internet connection.

The Mastercard SecureCode / Identity Check for more security:
• Makes your online payments even faster and more secure.

Mobile payments with your smartphone and smartwatch:
• Activate mobile payments in the Swiss Bankers app using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or a payment method offered by another provider.

Change your PIN code:
• Did you forget your PIN code? No problem, with the Swiss Bankers app you can set a new code without knowing the current one.

The app can be downloaded free of charge and is available in German, French, Italian, and English.
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