Jogos de quebra-cabeça alfabeto somalis, jogo letra T


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1 de dez de 2015
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Attractive puzzle game with alphabet sounds. Children learn Somali alphabet an attractive way by playing with the puzzle drag and drop, they see and learn also the beautiful cultural scene with loop animations in the background of Somali nomads living way. The game has five hardness level, each level provides an star as score, to complete the game you have to collect five stars.

Game feature:
1. 5 hardness levels
2. each level play gives one star as score
3. easy navigation menues
4. play button
5. play score level choosing buttons
6. play again button
7. next game button
8. more games button
9. win score sign
10. mute & unmute button background sound

How to play:
1. After downloaded the app, click icon and play button
2. choose the level 1
3. play the with puzzle drag and drop and build the current object on the board
4. After you have finished building the object, you will hear the letters names starting the current object name in this way you will learn letters and objects as their name starts with that letter and collect the score..

You will also enjoy the fantastic Somali nomadic culture, way of life, visualization and hear a customized background music melody that gives you the feel of the cultural and educational motivation of this wonderful culture

NB: using the Kurio7 for kids, to download the App it may ask child security sethings if be so do so
1. Click sethings
2. Security
3. check the icon
for more details and help pls contact:


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