Ultra Fast Battery Charger - Power Battery APK

Ultra Fast Battery Charger - Power Battery


Charge your smartphone real quick using this fast battery charging app


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7 de jul de 2018
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App Ultra Fast Battery Charger - Power Battery

Ultra Fast Battery Charger 5x is new battery charging application that help to kill all the background processes just with single click.
Charge your smartphone real quick using this fast battery charging app. Download “Fast Battery Charger 5x”, one of the best battery booster.
Fast charger battery is an ultimate app, which can help to boost your battery charging speed by 40-50%.
Power Battery APP automatically activate when connect your charger and it will boost your charging speed.

* Show the battery status accurately and the remaining time.
* Show accurately charging the remaining time.
* Improve battery consumption with just one click.
* Fast Charging 5X Automatically activates Fast Charging mode and Also Detect the USB Mode.
* Single tap optimizer with active battery slice killer task to provide optimal power consumption.
* Adaptive power mode with options for preset or pre-programmed power saving modes.
* Identifies and disables background playback, battery scraping applications.
* Preset Presets: Save Normal / Save / Extra.
* Customize power saving options according to your preference: Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G Mobile data, GPS services, GPS, Brightness.
* Automatic task killer on screen OFF.
* Intelligent brightness control.
* Energy efficiency monitoring.
* Displays details: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health.
* Simple and narrow interface for efficient power management.
* Kills unnecessary tasks with one simple click · Improved button to save more.
* Easy to provide battery and small size effective package with extensive features.
* Continuous and timely updates.
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