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13 de mar de 2019

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Ultra Power Saver - Battery Saver APP

Ultra-Power Saving Mode:

Battery Saver
As today we are living in the world of technology and have made ourselves fond of it, what's the most frequently used device by us? Well , we do not need to guess that it's our mobile phone. Now charging your phone again and again can be one major issue that almost all of us face. We do not have time to charge our phone after every few hours so here is a solution for all, Battery saver 2019 allows you to save your battery. Use the ultra power saving mode, It will dim your display and take your phone to grey mode and the battery consumption will be reduced. With the ultra power saving mode, location services and connectivity features such as WiFi and Bluetooth are turned off. So what if you’re making a million dollar deal and suddenly get to know that your phone is dying, battery saver app can help you save your day.Make your life easy and continue to use your phone with battery saver app.

Advantages of battery saver for Android
• Reduces battery consumption
• Lowers the brightness of your screen
• Reduces CPU consumption
• Ends all running processes/services
• Turns the WiFi and Bluetooth off
• Boosts your phones speed by removing the cache

Features of battery saver 2019
• Stops your battery to drain off by just 1 tap
• You get to know about the remaining battery time
• It has the ability to optimize your cell phone
• It shows battery percentage and battery status while charging
• You can share this with your friend
• You can rate the app
• Add shortcuts of important apps on interface and get to them in one tap
• Remove cache with the help of power saver app
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