Video call from cute dog - puppy call simlate APK

Video call from cute dog - puppy call simlate


Chamada de vídeo de cachorrinho adorável, oferecemos mais de 10 chamadas de trote de cachorro


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25 de jan de 2022

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App Video call from cute dog - puppy call simlate

Video call from lovely cute dog videos and nice puppy you will enjoy when you use it with your friends who are the dog lover. We contain cute dog pic and videos on this app such as the little cute doggies, pocket dogs, cute pet, charming pet and fun dog.

You can set time and fake message to prank your friends by Video call from cute dog and you will love it ! It is prank call simulated from dog that you can choose the style of videos. The doggy game will talk to your friends and they will love it because it is very cute dog and the puppy game is able to text to the dog either.

Feature of video call from puppy game

- Set time for prank your friend fox example : You need to pick Golden retriever for prank your friend and you set time to start in 5minutes. After that you let your phone somewhere else and wait the phone ringing and let your friends answer with Golden retriever or Siberian husky!
- Prank with text simulation with auto system reply ! You can talk with Scary doll, Pennywise or Momo all the time that you want !
- Call with Creepy Character

We wish you will love our app and rate 5 Star for us. We will provide such a good app again.
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