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NomeWords Cheat APK
Versão1.4.3 (36)
Atualizada24 de 09 de 2019
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App Words Cheat

Sempre ganhe com palavras batota

Words Cheat is a transparent overlay, that helps you generate the best results.

- It's FREE
- Generate High scoring words FAST and EASILY
- Find an inbult dictionary that explains what words mean - Long press on a word to get the definition
- Blank tiles - the ? question mark button can be used for a blank tile

Please watch the video for a brief demonstration:

INSTRUCTIONS:To use, all you need to do is:
-enter the letters you receive from Words with Friends, or other word game, into the 1st text box (Your Letters).
-enter any words or letters you find already on the board that you would like to build your word off, into the 2nd text box.

You can specify your search mode by using the W, S, A buttons at the top of Words Cheat.

W - Full word search. for example:
Your letters: JASDFTY
If your opponent has just played "WIN"
This mode will produce: WINDY. so that you can add DY from your letters to WIN already on the

S - Single Letters mode. Each individual word in board letters section will be used to produce a word.
For example:
Your Letters: SADF
Board Letters: ABC
This will produce - (B)ADS, (C)ADS, (A)AS.
Using each board letter separately.

W - Advanced board letters. This allows a gap to be processed. if you have two words on the board
side by side with a gap in between, this mode is for you. For Example:
Your letters: ASDFGH
On the Board:
EITHER Here you can enter into board letters as: P?I to find words that will span this gap.

This will produce A (P) H (I) D S

-you can specify the placement of these board letters in relation to your word with the radio buttons 'start' 'end' and 'any'.
check the screen shots for examples.
-then just hit GO! It will provide you with a list of available words you can make, with the letters you have provided.

To see your game underneath words Cheat please try these steps:
-open wordscheat, hit menu then settings.
-make sure "Words Cheat notification" is ticked.
-open or switch to Words With friends.
-select a board to play (make sure you are in a game where you can actually place tiles down.)
-once loaded, drag down your notifications bar and select wordscheat.
-this should overlay it !

-Does not rely on an internet connection.
-Fully functional, no restrictions, no forced paid content.
-one simple unobtrusive banner ad at the top of the app, nothing else.
-Long press a word to access dictionary-optional transparency see game board through app!
-Multiple search settings (check settings screen)
W - full word search
S - Single letter search
A - Advanced board letters search
-To use blank tiles just substitute with a question mark '?'

--------FOR SAMSUNG DEVICES------------
Some devices have been known to automatically hide WordsCheat's notifications.
To re-enable notifications, check out this video for a demo:

------- PLEASE NOTE ---------
If you are experiencing issues with a black overlay, or can't see through the app to your board game:
Please check the transparency setting - To do this, swipe from the left for the quick settings menu, then adjust the transparency slider.

if you have any questions, complaints or suggestions please drop us an email at
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