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Did you feel nervous when you speak to a lot of people ? Not anywmore..

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The Public Speaking Skills is one of the Masterpiece work of Dale Carnegie. If you want to learn and practice to improve your master art of public speaking, this app will help you easily.

It is a very common feeling to all of us but it can be controlled. When you can control your nervousness when speaking to public, you can address the words clearly making your audience easily understand what you are saying.

- Know what you are saying: Most of the time, when your speech is too long, you’ll end up making a copy so that you will not forget the things that you have to say. However, there are some individuals who do not understand what they are reading. In order to be good I’m public speaking, you must also understand what you are saying.

- Practice: Do not just practice like you are only reading your material. Rehearse is the best thing to do. Through this, you get familiar about the things that you are going to say.

- Know who your audience are: To know your audience, greet some of them once you enter the room. In this way, it will increase your confidence allowing you to deliver the words easily.

- Relax: One of the most important yet the hardest thing to do is relax. This is because you cannot easily get relaxed when you are nervous In other words, it will ruin your piece. By getting relax, you can convert nervousness to happiness.

Public speaking is a skill set required by many professions in many different industries. Generally, public speaking is the act of delivering presentations, lectures, and talks to an audience. Normally this is done to persuade or inform.
Public speaking could include standing up in front of a board of directors, a panel of peers, or the entire company.

Public speaking is also a profession, with many businesses paying professional speakers for large events.

This public speaking app includes;

- Learning Video of The Art of Public Speaking
- Public Speaking tutorials and Demo
- Picture Quotes

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