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Punjabi Keyboard English to Punjabi Input Method APK

Easy Punjabi Keyboard with input method from Roman English to Punjabi

Version1.6 (12)
UpdatedJun 05, 2020 (11 months ago)
DeveloperCreative Utility Apps
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Punjabi Keyboard is a simply keyboard that have English letter keyboard layout with different Punjabi typing keyboard themes and size. User can change the keyboard layout and keyboard themes according to his choice Punjabi keyboard is a easy Punjabi input method with Punjabi keyboard that also offers users to Learn Punjabi in English. User can use Punjabi keyboard as a manipulator that helps in writing Punjabi language or to improve Punjabi typing.
Punjabi keyboard is a Punjabi input method design to type Punjabi which helps in typing Punjabi language. Punjabi keyboard is a combination of keyboard themes with emoji that provide variety of Punjabi typing keyboard themes in different colours with Punjabi input method which allows user to Learn Punjabi.

Punjabi keyboard provides template with Punjabi typing keyboard from which user can customize it according to his need by Punjabi input method with adding colours, keyboard styles, backgrounds, wallpapers, colors and attractive icons Punjabi keyboard is the best choice to Learn Punjabi and Punjabi typing keyboard with emojis and Punjabi input method for androids that come up with a variety of emoji’s for expressing feelings.

A phonetic keyboard designed for those who love to type using Punjabi keyboarder Learn Punjabi in roman english with Punjabi input method. This keyboard provides you Punjabi typing and Punjabi letters So, you can type or Learn Punjabi through Punjabi keyboard/keypad. Keyboard to type Punjabi letters in Android.

How Punjabi typing App Works ?
After installing Punjabi input keyboard , you are free to use and Learn Punjabi by pressing “Enable Keyboard” & choose this Punjabi Keyboard. This Punjabi typing keyboard works as default Punjabi input method in android phones/tablets for typing/texting or Learn Punjabi on social media.
Install English to Punjabi keyboard. Enable it in settings with Punjabi input method.

How to enable
Open Punjabi typing keypad and then add this keyboard in your keyboard settings.
Open keyboard in messaging -> Language & Input, under “Punjabi input method” section, go to -> Choose Keyboards -> Check “online Punjabi Typing”. Then you have to select Punjabi keyboard as input method .When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by clicking the Punjabi typing keyboard icon on the mid right corner of the screen and disable Punjabi keyboard

App features of Punjabi input method:
-Translate easily from English to Punjabi typing keyboard,
-In-build English to Punjabi keyboard given within the app.
-You can directly type in Punjabi using this Punjabi input method keyboard
-Copy and Paste features. You can copy the translated text Punjabi or English, and use it anywhere you want to Learn Punjabi easily
-Use default Punjabi keyboard and Punjabi typing and as well as in English
-Learn Punjabi and use features of Punjabi input method.

• Punjabi input method keyboard
My photo keyboard has a lovely feature to add your photo in background of keyboard. Instead of installing new keyboard to make your photo keyboard with Punjabi typing to Learn Punjabi, you have just to upload photo as theme. Punjabi keyboard with cool theme of your own photo with Punjabi input method.

• English to Punjabi Converter
Punjabi keyboard-cool fonts, Themes, Sounds & my Photo keyboard provide English to Punjabi conversion. People in India love to type in Punjabi through English Keyboard to Learn Punjabi. Punjabi typing problem is solved by this English to Punjabi phonetic Punjabi input method

• Keyboard Themes, Emojis..
User can choose easily any animated themes which are available in app to Learn Punjabi. No need to install keyboard apps for themes. Punjabi keyboard-cool fonts, Punjabi input method ,Themes, Sounds & my Photo keyboard provide custom themes even your own photo can become a theme for your daily Punjabi typing keyboard.

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