Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 for Emerging Readers APK + OBB

Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 is an interactive kids app for new emerging readers.

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UpdatedJan 23, 2020 (12 months ago)
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Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 is an interactive app for emerging readers, and is the sequel to Pup’s Quest for Phonics. This app is ideal for new beginning readers who have already mastered more basic phonemes. Our thirty-two scaffolded tablet-based lessons introduce students to more complex phonemes, including alternate and multiple-letter spellings.

As with the original Pup’s Quest for Phonics, Professor Pup guides kids through each interactive lesson, while our handwriting recognition software provides the immediate feedback that kids need in order to grow as readers. With our easy-to-use parent dashboard, you can adjust the app’s settings to suit your child’s needs. The Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 app is an interactive learning experience that children can enjoy independently or with a parent! Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 is designed for tablet use but can be used on smartphones as well.

Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 allows you to choose between a Home Edition and a School Edition.

For Parents: Our Home Edition offers you the first five lessons for free. If you like them, unlock the full 32 lessons for $.99! This is a limited promotional offer to support school closures.


About Professor Pup’s Academy and Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2

Phonemic Awareness
The first three activities of Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 focus on building the essential skill of phonemic awareness. After an introduction of the lesson by Professor Pup, the program teaches the target sound through engaging animation and music. In the Sound Farm activity, the child is prompted to identify images which have the lesson’s target phoneme.

Sound-to-letter Phonics
Pup’s Quest for Phonics utilizes handwriting recognition software to teach the grapheme
(symbol) that corresponds to the target phoneme of the lesson. The program emphasizes
correct letter formation and phoneme-grapheme connection. The child then blends the
phonemes and the corresponding graphemes together to create and read words. If the child reads the word correctly, they receive positive reinforcement with an image or video of the word to support their expanding vocabulary. If the child reads the word incorrectly, s/he receives immediate corrective feedback and phoneme-blending assistance.

Really Reading
Pup’s Quest for Phonics 2 scaffolds each lesson, so students feel comfortable and prepared to read sentences in an animated and enchanting narrative. The student records his or herself reading each line of the story - then they are rewarded as the line they read comes to life, revealing the plot. If the child does not know or is struggling with a particular word, they can use our patented TTS (Touch-Text-to-Sound) feature and tap to hear each individual sound or swipe to hear how the sounds blend together.


Note that our speech recognition software works best with headphones that include a
microphone, but still works just fine without them!

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What's New

Bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Email: support@pupsacademy.com

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