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As we live in same world we all breathe same air but in our life .

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As we live in same world we all breathe same air but in our life there are so many things we are still missing and we found that people around us still deprived of three most important things to survive which are Shelter, Food and water. As this is very common tradition among us of giving back to society in different ways and by different means.

We as PWHL organisation has witnessed that in India especially Punjab is the most affected area with water contamination with deadly chemicals, pesticides and microbiological problem. Kids in schools and villages are more effected and situation is worse now, where there is no proper supply of fresh pure water to sustain the living. So we came forward to help young generation who are going to be future of nation by providing them Pure Water with the help of installing the Water Purification Systems with the best state of art of technology developed with Blu Light Pty Ltd working along with best companies using latest technology in purifying the water assuring water will be 100% safe for drinking in remote areas of schools and villages in Punjab

With the support of NRIs based in overseas we would like everyone to come forward and sponsor a school or sponsor a village . Together we can make a difference by coming along with PWHL contributing towards this cause which not only can save lives of people but we can create healthy and prosperous nation by providing Best quality Water to everyone. Because according to science 70% of our body weight is water and if we can solve that 70% problem we will be far ahead of everything.

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