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A 7-day routine to quickly get toned, stronger and bigger.

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A series of effective workouts that target specific muscle groups, in a 7-day fitness routine, to ensure you get toned, bigger and stronger.

The workout is split up into 3 sections, Push, Pull, Legs and within those 2 parts, separated by 6 days. By training your body with a variety of different workouts, you will be able to target specific muscle groups to ensure you make progress. You will have 6 workouts to do each day, and the goal is to be able to do all of them with the suggested rest times. By following a routine, you will find yourself in better shape, both physically and emotionally.

- Keep track of training progress
- Ensure you're following the right routine
- Quick Ab Workout
- View your progress on convenient graphs
- Get suggestions on your training (coming soon)

Consisting of 6 workouts, 6 days a week with 1 rest day, you will work different sections of your body out every day, ensuring your body gets the appropriate rest time to recover.

Day 1 works your chest and triceps. Day 2 works your back and biceps. Day 3 works your legs and butt out. Day 4 works a different part of your chest and triceps. Day 5 works your back and biceps out using different exercises. Day 6 works your leg out again, and Day 7 is your rest day.

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