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Version3.4 (17)
UpdatedFeb 06, 2020 (2 months ago)
Release dateMay 05, 2019 (11 months ago)
DeveloperPapa Fit Technology Services
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Monkeys workout and athletes train. An app that trains both mind and body.

Do you wish to look like Hugh Jackman & move like Jackie Chan? Yeah me too. Stop dreaming too much and set a realistic goal like one hole less in your waist belt within 2 months.

Do you know that Monkeys workout and athletes train? Stop appearing to Gym everyday clueless only to realise after years of wasted time, money & energy. Have a goal set before and make every move towards it.

Imagine education without instructions and syllabus. How about fitness syllabus?
Papa Fit assists with training in 5 ways;

1. DIET TRACKING: The real hero of the movie, mostly neglected, is given most attention with macro & micro nutritional computation & tracking.

2. WORKOUT LOG & PLANNING: Monkeys do not plan the branch to hop from and do not remember what they did yesterday. Assistance is provided in logging every move and schedule the next set of workout aligned to your pre-set goal.

3. PERIODIC ASSESSMENT: What are these trainers otherwise good for (except Personal Training)? They take assessment in the form of video for your workout and push it to university (cloud server) for results.

4. CARROTS: Not what you think, but these are points that you earn with your attendance, workout and diet every day. You also lose few every day otherwise.

5. OFFERS: We pay you to workout & eat good. All the carrots earned can be redeemed at your favourite brand store (both online & offline merchants) in the form of discounted offers.

Are you still thinking to make a move? Subscribe today to train.
Or keep thinking and hopping :)