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Version1.3 (4)
UpdatedMay 15, 2012 (8 years ago)
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A class arcade game on your Android device

Puzzle Bobble, one of the most fun arcade games of the 90's, has come to Android - perfectly adapted for digital controls, and with the same entertaining gameplay that made it one of the greatest legends in the world of video games.

The objective of the game, if it needs any explaining, is very simple. All you have to do is eliminate all of the colored bubbles from the upper part of the screen by shooting your own colored bubbles that connect with the same color. That is, it is a test of precision, planning, and skill.

This version of the game comes with more than 100 levels, several different game modes, and the ability to pause a game and restart whenever you want.

Graphically, the game is faithful to the saga - simple, pixelated designs full of color, that old and young players alike will enjoy.

Puzzle Bobble is a fun game, which is hard to come by, with simple but addictive gameplay, and the ability to keep you glued to the screen of your mobile device for hours and hours. And, it's free. Free!