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In the game Puzzles with animals you will meet with a variety of animal species.

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Many people are fond of puzzles, not because they bring much benefit, but because it is very exciting to collect puzzles from many fragments of a drawing of different shapes. Thanks to such games, logical thinking, attention, memory and imagination develops. These most intelligent games in the world were created by the Englishman John Spilsbury, who traded geographic maps. He thought of sticking his goods on a substrate of wood, figuratively cutting it into many pieces, then selling it as a textbook on geography.

In Game:

  • Puzzles with animals;

  • Puzzles for adults;

  • 80 beautiful images;

  • 56 pieces of the puzzle;

  • 100 pieces of the puzzle;

  • Different prompt modes;

  • Timer of time;

  • save the game;

  • pleasant music.

In the game "Puzzles with animals" you will meet with a wide variety of animals, each time marveling at the generosity of nature. Puzzles without the Internet will give you the opportunity to collect 80 images with beautiful, lovely and fluffy inhabitants of our planet. Mosaic puzzles can be folded from 56, or 100 pieces. Also, you can select the background prompt in the settings:
- no background image;
- with a background picture;
- with a background picture, divided into borders of pieces of the puzzle.
For more excitement, a timer is added to the game, which fixes the best result, thanks to it you can arrange competitions for the speed of the puzzle assembly. There is even a save button of the game, with it you can save the picture at any time and continue the assembly, when there is such an opportunity, from the moment you stopped. The game is played by pleasant music, which will help you relax after a hard working day.

Correctly selected puzzles can be a source of pleasure. With the help of them you can learn to solve new creative tasks, the algorithm of which is not set in advance. Plunge into the world of beauty, collecting colorful puzzles.

Email: jigsawbestgames@gmail.com

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