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Discussion of many PVC ceiling models for minimalist living rooms, porch houses, buildings, shops or hall spaces in a school, office, or in a company meeting room, let us first understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this material as ceiling material. Recognizing these strengths and weaknesses will make you consider whether this type of material is in accordance with your financial needs and conditions.

1. Advantages of Minimalist PVC Ceiling
The advantages of PVC material as ceiling material lies in 3 things, namely termite resistance, water resistance, and easy to clean. Termite resistance because PVC material is not like wood or plywood ceilings favored by borer pests. If the wood ceiling is often attacked by nonor and causes gapuk, then on the PVC ceiling this will not happen.

In addition, PVC material is waterproof. This means that if one day the roof leaks, the ceiling will not be damaged. This is very inversely proportional to the gypsum ceiling. At the gypsum ceiling, water drops will cause great damage. Slowly but surely, seeping water will soften the calcium bonds in gypsum and make it collapse.

Another advantage of PVC ceiling material is that it is easy to clean. If at any time the ceiling is contaminated by a stain, we will easily remove the stain with one swipe. The smooth and glossy surface of the texture is the reason why the PVC living room ceiling model is easy to clean.

2. Costs and shortages of PVC ceilings
With the many advantages of PVC ceilings, there is certainly no reason for you to choose this material as the main ingredient of your living room ceiling. However, on the other hand you have to prepare funds that are not small for installation and materials. Yes, the use of PVC ceilings does indeed require large costs. In addition to the price of the material which is quite expensive compared to GRC, gypsum and plywood materials, PVC ceiling installation also requires a small amount of artisan wages. As an illustration, for the material alone, we need funds of around Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 60 thousand for each meter (list prices in Shunda Plafon). That does not include wages for installation, order, and list of installed ceilings.

3. Living Room PVC Ceiling Model
Apart from the expensive costs, PVC ceilings can in fact provide a luxurious and minimalist impression on the design of your living room. Therefore, for those of you who already intend and have a special budget allocation for installation, please specify which motif and model of PVC living room ceiling you want to use. Here are some examples of models that might inspire you.

4. This pvc ceiling is very practical and very dynamic, with an elegant look, very beautiful to be in the form of style as we want, very suitable also for the hotel ballroom, hall hall of an office or company, or as a room ceiling and apartment spaces .

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