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Q Master – Quotes & Text Design on images

1.1 · Jul 30, 2020

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Version1.1 (33)
UpdatedJul 30, 2020
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Q Master – Quotes & Text Design on images app

Enjoy a Huge Collection of Stunning Images & Great Quotes & Famous Sayings.

Q Master helps you design easily with a huge collection of high quality images & many amazing quotes & sayings. All you have to do is choose a photo & a quote then your design is ready to share.

User Experience is one of the primary elements we cared for when developing this app so it can help you in few simple steps have a creative design.

Q Master Process Steps:
1- Choose an image either:
- From the templates.
- From gallery.

2- Choose a quote either:
- From our quote collection.
- Type your own.

3- Save & share your design.

Q Master includes a collection of quotes, sayings, wise words & more about motivation, life, knowledge, love, friendship, wisdom, & success.
It also includes many beautiful images & backgrounds for love, friendship, nature, flowers, animals, colors, sadness & happiness.

■ Main Features:
1- A huge collection of photos (+800).
2- A huge collection of quotes (+1400).
3- All images are smart templates.
4- Crop option to modify templates for social media, like posts & covers.
5- Copy & share any quote from the quotes list.
6- Stunning filters & effects that you can modify.
7- Many stickers & shapes with option to add from gallery.
8- Tools to modify texts & shapes.
9- Ability to share on all social media platforms.
10- Ability to modify the colors of shapes & design icons.
And more.

■ Explanation of some icons in the app:
Upon launching the app, in the templates screen you’ll find:
1- Refresh icon ↻: update images with the ability to swipe down for more.
2- Dark Mode icon ☾: change the theme between light mode ☼ & dark mode ☾ which you’ll find on the top left.
3- Main menu icon ⋮ : contains the store, the app settings & app language.
4- Display icon ∷ : used to change the templates display mode.
5- Sort icons ⇵: used to sort templates.
6- Quotes icon ❞: used to display quotes.
☛by tapping on quote blew the quotes icon, you’ll be able to modify quotee.

■ Main design elements in Q Master are:
1- Text.
2- Photo.
3- Shapes & icons.
4- Stickers (in the app or from gallery).

Below is a brief explanation for each one in its properties:
■ Text:
▶ Main properties:
1- Fonts: a big collection of English fonts & Arabic fonts divided into categories with an option to import your own fonts.
2- Size.
3- Color:
- Solid color.
- Gradient.
- Color Wheel.
- Color Picker.
- Empty Color.

4- Stroke.
5- Shadow.
6- Background.
7- Style.
8- Decoration.
9- Alignment.
10- Opacity.
11- Position.
12- Line height.
13- Blending mode.

▶Other properties:
- Add a quote.
- Remove text.
- Paste from clipboard.
- Copy to clipboard.

■ Photo properties:
1- Edit:
- Crop.
- Rotate.
- Flip.
2- Effects.
3- Filters.
4- Flip.

■ Shapes & design icons properties:
1- Color.
2- Stroke.
3- Radius: only for rectangles.
4- Shadow.
5- Opacity.
6- Position.
7- Blend mode.

■ Stickers properties: Same as photo options with addition to:
1- Eraser.
2- Opacity.
3- Position.

■ Other features available in Q Master:
- Layers control.
- Auto Save & save as modifiable design at a later time.
- Control design in app quality to boost performance without affecting saved photo quality which remains high.
- Image save options with JPEG & PNG support.
- Store: contains many options such as removing ads.

☛all purchases goes to support the app development. Along with using & sharing the app, this will help us keep updates & improvements. We thank you for your support in advance.

☛ the purchase are a one-time fee. It is not a subscription. You’ll only pay once for each service unless specifically explained in the app.

We hope you like Q Master & hope for your support by giving us a five star rating ★★★★★ along recommending the app for others. We also appreciate sharing our app & photos you created with it on social media. Thank you for your support.
We welcome suggestions & comments to help us improve the app.
Contact us at:
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Email: qmaster@tar7ah.com

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